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Video Swing Analysis sent to your smartphone & email within 12 hours

Online Golf Academy

Life is busy, schedules get booked up and sometimes its hard to find the time to work on your game. What happens when you go on a golf trip and for whatever reason, the game is GONE! Instead of booking a last min lesson at full rate, you can now get instruction from me anywhere in the world.  In an effort to become more available to my clients and reach more people, I have decided to launch an online academy.  There are several main reasons why I wanted to do this.

  1. The video instruction software I use, V1 Sports, launched a free app that allows my clients to video their swing on their phone and upload into my account by pressing 3 buttons. Learn more and download HERE.
  2. The quality of video now on phones is great. As long as you take the right angle (see images below) and always use the mode with the highest frames/second (FPS) it’s just like me being there with my phone. 2 buttons later and that video is in my inbox
  3. It makes me more available to golfers all over and makes costs go down for my clients.


Here’s how to do it step by step

  1. Download the free V1 GOLF App onto your device and open app
  2. Create an account and login
  3. Press camera icon in top right corner
  4. Record swing (2-3 swings, 1 min. max)
  5. Save and categorize swing, video is then prompted
  6. Press the V1 icon in top left corner. Press “Send Video”
  7. Press “Select Academy or Pro”
  8. Search “Alex Dunlop Golf,” also on front page
  9. Press “Send to My Pro Alex Dunlop”

You will receive a notification once the video has been analyzed. Each video will be analyzed, compared against a pro and video of drills for you to do to help improve your game.


These are the angles you need to shoot when uploading the video. Please send both the “Down the Line” angle (Justin Rose) and the “Face-On” angle