Back? I’m pretty sure Tiger will never get back to the dominance he displayed almost a decade ago, but has he drastically improved in the last 6 months? No doubt! I think Tiger is the absolute perfect example of how important the mental game is in golf and more specifically at the highest level. Out there on Tour, just about every golfer can hit just about every shot. It’s what goes on in between the ears that really separate the great golfers from the good ones. When Tiger was at his lowest, it wasn’t his knee that ruined his game, it was all the distractions off the course that really sent his game spiraling out of control. I know from my own experiences that when things are great off the course, it usually translates to good things on the course. Bodily injuries can be re-healed, mental damage is something that can only be reversed through positive reinforcement (like wining an event) and I think we’re beginning to see this with Mr. Woods.

In my mind, he has returned from the depths of being just an average golf professional. This past week’s win will only reinforce to Tiger that what he’s changing in his swing is working. Once this process begins, Tiger’s confidence will only grow by the day.

Sure, most will say this wasn’t even a real event and it’s not really. However, the field was strong and it was obvious that this meant a lot to Tiger and all the players who were in contention. These guys like to win and are used to winning. They aren’t going to bend over backwards for the tournament host. Plus, finishing birdie, birdie to win by 1 is good golf. Period. I don’t care if its for a PGA tour event or 9-hole nassau with your friend, to win like that means something. As someone in the golf industry, we can only hope he returns to form. If he does, it will be a memorable 2012. Not only for the PGA Tour, but the golf industry in general.

On another note:
What is up with Hunter Mahan and his unbelievably terrible short game? Watching him chunk another chip this weekend sent me to the social airwaves to complain about how terrible his short game looks. This is like Dewayne Wade having troubles with lay-ups… WE should be passed this by now Hunter!! Some of my other golf pro buddies commented on my post and the consensus was… we don’t know what the hell is going on. .. Apparently he has an issue “hinging” the club, not a good thing for a professional. If you ever want to win a major, you have got to fix this. Hit me up, I can help.

This is just awful…