Is Tiger Back?

Back? I’m pretty sure Tiger will never get back to the dominance he displayed almost a decade ago, but has he drastically improved in the last 6 months? No doubt! I think Tiger is the absolute perfect example of how important the mental game is in golf and more specifically at the highest level. Out there on Tour, just about every golfer can hit just about every shot. It’s what goes on in between the ears that really separate the great golfers from the good ones. When Tiger was at his lowest, it wasn’t his knee that ruined his game, it was all the distractions off the course that really sent his game spiraling out of control. I know from my own experiences that when things are great off the course, it usually translates to good things on the course. Bodily injuries can be re-healed, mental damage is something that can only be reversed through positive reinforcement (like wining an event) and I think we’re beginning to see this with Mr. Woods.


Alex’s Top Ten Golf Courses in Western Washington

  • 1. Seattle Golf Club – Private
    Sure, I may be biased (Full disclosure; I’ve worked there and have family that are members) but you’ll be hard pressed to find a club with more history and mystique in Washington. Not the longest golf course around, but with its many doglegs, elevation changes and towering evergreens it can still provide a tough test of golf. I’m a huge fan of courses with history and that’s why The Seattle Golf Club tops my list.
    Best hole; the par 3, 11th, looks like it belongs in Augusta, Georgia.
    Must Do: If you ever the chance to play, you have to stop in and check out the Men’s locker room. Probably one of the top “classic” locker rooms you’ll ever come across.
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Thoughts on the 2010 US Open at Pebble Beach

I thought it was only appropriate to have my first post be right after the US Open @ Pebble Beach. Watching the first couple of holes, you could tell that this was going to be a good old fashion Sunday afternoon at the US Open.  Each player just holding on for dear life.

Within four holes, Dustin Johnson went from -6 to E and even though he wasn’t completely out of the tournament at that point, you knew that he was going to be done for the day. Could you imagine what he was going through his head after hitting his tee shot on four just a tad right and watching it roll over the edge and into the hazard. Where did it all go wrong?