The following testimonials were submitted via survey in December of 2015.

I really like the casual atmosphere of the lesson, yet the attention to the lesson. I really like the video technology during the lesson as well. And, Alex is a really cool guy….he doesn’t laugh at my awful swing!

Alex is great at knowing his audience, he can teach a 65 year old woman the basics of a swing, then turn around and teach a high school kid how to improve a draw for the next tournament. Alex is an old soul, he knows a lot about the game and works hard to keep people progressing through the inevitable struggles of golf.

Alex is an excellent communicator and gives me info that I can understand and use. He also makes golf fun.

Rick Redman

He is very serious about helping golfers improve their game, especially now with the Trackman gives great feedback.


When I met Alex for the first time he analyzed my swing and said ” ok, we only need to change a few things, your stance, your grip, and your swing”. Turns out that’s was everything. I was apparently doing it “All” wrong. After only a few lessons of just getting the basics right I went from a average score of 100+ to a valid 13.2 handicap. I would have to say that’s one heck of an improvement. All within 1 year. Since then I won an all expense paid trip to the U.S Open for 7 days from Pro golf Discount to Pinehurst last year. I would say Alex made a few improvements on my game.

Scott Reitz

Alex relates extremely well to different personalities and skill levels. I have recommended him to both friends and family. With the introduction of Trackman he has taken it to a new level.

Alex provides simple instructions tailored to the individual and the positive result is immediate. After one lesson I no longer slice the ball. Now I am able to hit with a slight draw and the ball actually hits the target or slightly to the left. One lesson in the bunker has not only help me get out of the sand but I am able to control the distance of where the ball lands on the green. I use to be around the low 90’s and now I am in the mid 80’s Thank you Alex…you have helped me enjoy the game a lot more.

Tony Cheng "Addicted Golfer"

Just the way he approaches technique and his way of using simple “tricks” as stance, weight distribution, and set up for a swing has shaved on average 7-10 strokes off my score. He is a great instructor and I value his knowledge and approach to coaching.

Alex has provided us with a great family lessons experience. My sons and I enjoy our lessons with Alex and his instruction is always spot on. Alex is a lot of fun and he can talk in terms that make sense to my boys.

Rob Auffant

We appreciate Alex’s ability to analyze our swing flaws and improvements objectively (via videos and Trackman). Alex sticks with his philosophy of using your core/“big” muscles which has helped us improve our swing speed/distance, consistency, and overall enjoyment of the game. He has not made us younger, but we know he is working on that.


Alex is all about keeping things as simple as possible. He is quick at determining the major flaws in my set up and swing and I really like that he only addresses a couple of issues per lesson. There’s enough to think about for us amateurs. His approach makes is a lot easier to progress both on the range and during my next round. On top of that he’s just a nice guy and that makes the whole lesson both fun and extremely valuable. 4 lessons over the last year or so and I’ve gone from shooting (and slicing) 100+ to shooting pretty consistently in the mid-80’s (no more slice!). I will continue to recommend Alex to all my friends and co-workers.


Working with Alex really helps me understand how to improve my golf game…golf swing, chipping, and putting have all improved.

Susan Kolwitz

Alex has been a great instructor for my daughter. His expertise, use of technology, and encouraging style has encouraged her and helped her to improve her game. Thank you.

Julie Schaller

Alex has been such a great instructor for my son in so many ways. He has always been easily available for lessons, has helped with equipment selection several times, and even gives him quick pointers when he sees him at the range. Great improvement in his game, but also a growing love of golf due to Alex’s instruction and camaraderie.

Lisa Richardson

I have moved out of the country, but if I still lived there I would definitely continue to go to Alex. I’ve referred multiple friends there that I have noticed their game along with mine has improved. Best to date instructor that I’ve visited, all but Alex I would never go back to.

Alex is excellent at translating a swing concept into words that are easy to understand and perform in a repeatable way. It is extremely rare that I ask Alex to explain a swing thought twice.


Alex is able to adapt his instruction to what works best for me. Focusing on just a few critical things in the swing has really helped me improve my game. He has helped me improve my handicap index by 6 points over the course of 5 months.

Jake Voigt

Lessons were more than just swing-based. Alex has helped me change my mental approach to the game on the course yielding more enjoyment and better results.


Working with Alex has been great. He always finds a way to deliver instruction in a way that makes sense to me and if it doesn’t at first, he’ll find a way to say it differently until it seems to click. Alex is a great coach and I have already referred him to a number of my friends and colleagues.

Brendan Morley

Alex Dunlop’s instruction is well suited for athletes in that he’ll relate movement from your chosen sport with the golf swing. I recommend Alex as much as I can as he has done wonders for my golf game.

Austin Cohn

Casual banter but serious golf. My handicap dropped 5 strokes in one season working with Alex and my son has started his own journey with this beautiful game.

Heath Whelan

Alex helped my son gain the confidence he needed to up his game and play on the varsity golf team. I observed the lessons, but really began to benefit when I started taking them myself. My driver straightened out. My irons go longer. My short game improved. I’ve still got a lot of work ahead, but enjoy the game more than ever.

Alan Funk