Junior Golf Academy

One of the reasons I got into teaching was to help junior golfers achieve their goals and grow the game. I’ve created my junior academy to ensure that I have dedicated hours each week for them and all levels of golfers I also believe that junior golfers should work in groups. Having their peers work alongside them accelerates growth and creates a more fun, competitive environment. Most kids don’t need or don’t have the attention required for a 1 on 1 lesson. I will cover all aspects of the game including fitness, course management, tournament preparation, and nutrition. I’ve created an after school program called COMPETITIVE JUNIOR GOLF CLASS to launch my Junior Academy.

Similar to my Prime Time Performance for adults, Competitive Junior Golf Class,will consist of 3-8 junior golfers at a time.

POD A Description: Currently every Wednesday from 4:00-6:00PM and Costs $60/session

This is for my junior golfers who want weekly, structured practice and are serious about their golf. Not for beginners.
Includes 45 of minutes of fitness every class, Trackman + Video Analysis, short game, tournament scheduling/ prep are part of this program.
This is for juniors who have ambitions of playing at the next level. Must be playing in tournaments to join class unless ok’s by me

POD B Description: Currently every Tuesday from 5pm-6pm and Costs $60/session

This is for my junior golfers who want weekly, structured practice and interested in improving their game to try and be a competitive golfer one day. This class is for kids roughly 13 and under. 1 HR in length and the goal is to advance to POD A which requires tournament play. Trackman and Video Analysis included.

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