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In an effort to become more available on the weekends for my clients I have come up with a new program designed at hitting every part of the game. These will be group lessons and here are some of the details involved with this class.

Dates: Weekends
Time: 9am-12pm
Group Size: Max of 5
Cost: $250


TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Assessment – Completed by Kutting Edge Fitness as well as personalized workouts for you to do at home. Learn more at
Trackman Combines – Each participant will go through a 60 shot test aimed to determine your strengths and weaknesses. Learn more at
V1 Video Analysis – Slow motion video analysis that you are all now familiar with.
Pitching and Chipping

Even though this is a group lesson, you will get lots of 1 on 1 attention and be able to tackle every part of the game. This is how great golfers practice.. almost everyday. My goal is to be able to see more people and have people practice longer and I believe this accomplishes both. It truly is designed for all level of golfers.